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Ecoroof is an integrated system of several components that aims to enhance practices related to the concept of green roofs on building structures. The system in a set of solutions that povides sustainable building practices within urban spaces , for its neutrality and environmental benefits in addition to those structures where they are applied.
Help promoting the concept of energy efficiency in buildings, using vegetation and the proliferation of green spaces within urban centers .

The main benefits and particularities of Ecoroof are:

  • High ecological value;
  • System fully adaptable regardless of projective objectives;
  • Increased biodiversity in urban areas;
  • Aesthetic value added;
  • Sustainable rainwater management;
  • Improvement of microclimate conditions;
  • Fixing of dust and toxic particles;
  • Improved sound insulation;
  • Provides natural habitats in large cities;
  • Supports a message of recycling and sustainability;
  • Reduction of maintenance costs;
  • Reducing energy costs.

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