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Eco-Tenaz is an easy and safe handling equipment, useful for collecting objects.

It has an aluminum rod, stainless steel straps and a comfortable handle made of high-strength plastic.

The rubber suction cups open up to 11cm and are so versatile that they can either pick up a coin, like a brick, or even an egg without breaking it. Allows you to pick up objects up to 2 kg.

This is the most robust and versatile Eco-Tenaz on the market, allowing greater speed and efficiency in the collection of objects.

    News Eco Tenaze       



    Available dimensions

    50cm, 80cm, 120cm


  • Garbage removal, cleaning beaches and public spaces.
  • Sanitary maintenance of bathrooms, kitchens and hospital areas.
  • Collection of difficult to access objects.
  • Fruit picking, collecting dry leaves, collecting eggs.
  • Difficult day-to-day tasks or for people whose physical capacity is limited.


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