Thermal Fog TF 35


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An excellent combination of expertise, performance and highest quality standards.

The IGEBA TF35 is the master of its class and the first choice for the professional application. Only high-quality materials, such as stainless steel are used and combined with the best compounds available. This leads to a long life of the devices and ensures compatibility for the daily demands. Manufactured after international standards and requirements this unit is appreciated around the world.   


Dimensions in cm (LxWxH) 137,5 x 27 x 34
Weight, empty in kg 7,9
Solution tank capacity in l 5,7 / 10
Fuel tank capacity in l 1,2
Performance of combustion chamber in KW/HP 18,3 / 24,8
Fuel consumption l/h approx. 2
Average flow rate in l/h (oil based) 20
Max. flow rate in l/h (oil based) 42
Flow rate with water in l/h 10
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms with water and carrier 40
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms with water 8
Energy supply 4 x 1,5V Monocells
Pressure in solution tank in bar approx. 0,25


Aditional Features:
  • Patented and reliable ignition system without spark plug for increased user-friendliness.
  • Solution and fuel tank as well as the fog tube and solution lines made of stainless steel.
  • In the standard version equipped with a 5,7 l stainless steel solution tank and an extensive range of accessories
  • Fog tube, petrol tank, formulation tank and air pump made from stainless steel.

  • All other parts getting in contact with the chemicals are made from Brass, Viton or Teflon.
  • Considering the maximum flow rate, at a flow rate of 1 litre / 2.500 m3 an operator can treat up to 105.000 m3/h.
  • TF 35 applies oil based formulations with the standard fog tube. A special "W" fog tube is available for the application of water based formulations.   
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